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Not Everyone’s Destined To Be A Manager; Do You Really Want It?

There are both challenges and rewards that come with being a manager. It’s not for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay. Some people simply aren’t suited to a managerial role. Not everyone is destined to rise in the ranks and lead. If the lofty heights of the managerial rungs of the ladder are calling to you, it’s important to consider if you really want it. 

For many, it’s something they’re encouraged to do, and go ahead with because others are telling them it’s the right thing, it’s the next step, or they’d be good at it. For others, it can feel like one should aspire to become a manager in order to continue progressing in your career.

In both cases, there may well be merits to the argument for becoming a manager. If you genuinely possess the personality and skill set that would make you great at it, and would make it enjoyable for you, then you should be encouraged, and following that advice may well be the best career move you’ve ever made. Likewise, if you’re highly driven and looking to advance your career, becoming a manager is a great way to do it.

But it’s important for the decision to come from a place of complete understanding. What exactly makes a person good at being a manager? Is that genuinely you? Would you enjoy the realities of the role?

And while it’s all very well to look at the benefits, you also need to consider the inevitable downsides, how you can mitigate them, and whether they’re worth it.

Here’s all you need to know to decide if you really want to be a manager…

Are You Technically Brilliant, Or Management Material?

Being great at your job, in a technical sense (i.e. fulfilling your role to perfection) and being management material is not the same thing.

Just because you’re brilliant at what you do doesn’t mean you’d be any good at managing other people while they did it.

Being highly skilled in whatever is required of your role is not the same as possessing great leadership skills.

Having the potential to be a fabulous leader is an entire skill set on its own.

In fact, some of the best managers aren’t actually that great at the job involved; they’re simply exceptional at motivating and organsing other people who are.

The Rewards Of Management…

If you do have leadership skills and the qualities that make a great team leader, there are a lot of benefits to becoming a manager. 

You get to be the one leading your team as they grow and evolve. You have input on the direction they take and can be proud of the progress they achieve under your guidance. 

The natural increase in salary that comes with the title is another great bonus. After all, your responsibilities are increasing, your salary should increase as well.

Becoming a manager is a great opportunity. It allows you to hone existing skills, inspire others, and even manage other managers. It can also be a stepping stone to even loftier heights, with companies happy to invest in great managers and promote them further. 

Not to mention, having the Manager title on your CV is a great way to boost your employability and prospects for future roles.

And The Challenges…

As we said, not everyone’s destined to be a manager. There are natural downsides that might make it a poor choice for you, personally. And that’s okay. But, much of the time, if you’re aware of the limitations or issues ahead of time you can find ways of mitigating them.

So what are the negative aspects of becoming a manager?

For one thing, you will suddenly have far more responsibilities and far greater exposure. You’re not just responsible for the quality of your work anymore, it’s up to you to ensure everyone on your team is up to scratch.

Many people relish the opportunity, and if you can see this as a positive rather than a negative, you’re definitely in the right mindset to step into the role.

On the other hand, you may be terrified at the notion of being responsible for so much, and having no safety net should things go wrong. 

You’ll also find yourself exposed to far more of the goings-on higher up in the organisation. Again, this might be something you’ve only ever dreamed of, but consider the old adage ‘it’s lonely at the top’, and the equally ancient idiom, ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Knowing what’s going on can be a blessing or a curse. You may come to regret getting tangled up in the politics and stress that abound higher up the pyramid.

You’re also likely to need to work longer hours. If you’re a consummate workaholic that will sound like a huge benefit, but for many, they’re not interested in going over and above. They want to clock in and clock out again as swiftly as possible. 

Finally, you’re going to struggle if you’re not provided with adequate training as you transition into your new managerial role. Many companies promote from within and fail to offer effective training to their newly appointed managers, which swiftly leads to stress, lack of job satisfaction, and even failure.

Ready To Be A Manager?

Fortunately, the solution to many of these downsides is ensuring you’re properly prepared to become a manager. Our managerial training programs are the perfect way to prepare you for a role you’re taking on, ensure you get that next promotion or give you a competitive edge when applying for a management position.

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