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5 Massive Benefits Of Getting A Diploma In Childcare And Education

If you enjoy the world of childcare and can’t think of a better work environment than a class of toddlers, you might want to consider starting a career in that field.

As sweet as working in education sounds, it’s also extremely demanding and requires you to prove that you have the right set of skills to do it properly. 

That is why getting a diploma in childcare and education is fundamental to get started. Find out all you need to know about this path…

What Is A Diploma In Childcare And Education?

A diploma in childcare and education is a professional qualification that allows you to work within the industry. 

There are several levels to it, each of which can allow you to take on different roles and responsibilities. It all depends on what you dream your job to be!

Regardless of what your career goals are, a diploma in childcare and education has amazing benefits. 

5 Benefits Of Getting A Qualification In Childcare

Playing with toddlers and teaching preschoolers is just one of the pros of having a qualification in childcare. But in reality, there are many more benefits to that, such as: 

 #1 You Will Learn Incredible Skills

There’s more to childcare than finding educational ways of playing with children. Working in the industry comes with incredible responsibilities and you need to be able to manage any issue that should arise. 

Part of the program for getting a diploma in childcare and education includes elements of pedagogy, child development and legislation. 

According to the diploma you will choose you will gain other relevant skills that are more connected to your dream job. 

#2 You Get First-Hand Experience

Working with children can be scary, especially if you are to step foot in a classroom without having done that before. That is why we offer the Level 2 Diploma in Early Years Practitioner (EYP) and Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Educator (EYE), and others, in the form of apprenticeships.  

#3 There’s Always Room For Improvement

Whatever stage of your career you are at, and whatever your goals may be, there are many possibilities available for you. 

If you already have a Level 3 Diploma you can progress further with one of our Level 5 Diploma, which allow you to specialise in a more specific career path. 

#4 You Can Get It Funded 

If what’s stopping you from pursuing your dream career are financial problems, know that there are many available options to get you started.

All of our diplomas can be fully funded through the Advanced Learner Loan, the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) or finance through Duologi. If you want to apply for one of our apprenticeships, on the other hand, you will be able to learn whilst you earn!

#5 You Get To Work With Children

If you enjoy taking care of children and working in education, a diploma in childcare is just the first step to take to make your dreams come true. 

Tell Us About Your Future

We care about your future, that’s why we are willing to help you reach whatever career goal you have in mind. Get in touch with us through our contact form or give us a call at 01512576969. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM. 

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