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Introducing Our Fully Funded Early Years Training Opportunities

We’re delighted to announce some exciting new opportunities that are now available for those of you seeking to pursue a career in childcare. If you’re great with children and passionate about their care and education but have no idea how to kickstart your career, this is for you.

A career in early years education is quickly and easily begun by attending one of our free open days and learning how you can land yourself a spot on one of our fully-funded training opportunities. 

On the open day, you’ll learn all you need to about the qualifications you can gain, how and where you can complete work experience, and even how you can go on to join one of our apprenticeship programmes in an Early Years setting near you.

But for now, let’s look at all the great benefits you’ll be getting from this fully funded early years training…

Fully Funded Early Years Training? What’s The Catch?

We know, it sounds too good to be true, but honestly, there is no catch. While there are a few eligibility requirements you will need to meet, as long as you’re unemployed and aged between sixteen and twenty-four, you can take advantage of this training.

And yes, it really is fully funded – there is zero cost for you, the learner. 

What To Expect From The Training…

Our experienced and dedicated team of trainers have put together courses designed to maximise your education in a way that’s as informative, useful, and practically relevant as possible. You’ll come away with real-life insight into the world of Early Years education, allowing you to assess whether it’s truly a career you wish to pursue, and setting you up for success in the event it truly is your calling. 

The course will run for eleven weeks, two of which are dedicated to giving you hands-on, practical experience in an EY setting. The NVQ Level 1 or 2 as well as a DBS check and first aid is included in the fully funded training opportunities for 16-24-year olds, making candidates more employable. Maths and English are included in the fully-funded training opportunities too.

What Happens After The Training?

By completing this work experience, you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of going on to complete one of our apprenticeship programmes, which come with full-time employment and result in you becoming a fully qualified early years practitioner.

This course is delivered to provide candidates with hands-on experience with an employer, virtual classroom sessions to give you an introduction to childcare and access to experienced tutors to help you kickstart your journey into the early years’ workforce. The training that we provide is ideal for those who prefer to work practically- putting into practice what they know.

To learn more, signup for one of our FREE open days, come along, and see for yourself how easy it is to get your career started…

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