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Children’s Nurseries


Bliss, Operations Lead

We were introduced to Real Skills by a third party, they greeted us professionally and we soon gained confidence that they were the right provider for us. 

The most significant thing that the apprentice gained through their apprenticeship was the contact from the assessor, as it was consistent and effective to assist them to perform their role. 

The assessor was available throughout the apprenticeship and tailored the individual support as required, we were fully involved during their apprenticeship and involved with their progress and learning to suit both our understanding and requirements. 

There is nothing further that Real Skills Training could have done to enhance the apprentices experience, and we would recommend them to other employers because they are professional and consistent in their delivery.


Sophie, Early Years Trainer

Since starting working with Hopscotch, I’ve really enjoyed helping the apprentices flourish with this fantastic employer. Bliss has been helpful and supportive in making the apprenticeship programmes part of the businesses staff development programme and supporting the apprentices. Our first apprentice learner at Hopscotch even managed a distinction, which is a fantastic achievement for the apprentice and everyone involved.


Jon, Director

When we were approached by Hopscotch to help them with their apprenticeship provision, we spent time working with Bliss to ensure the programme fully met their needs; from apprentice experience through to reporting and KPI’s. We have now worked with Hopscotch for over 12 months and we hope to have more success stories for years to come.

I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered a design based on true specs and on time. Will definitely recommend!

Bliss, Operations Lead – Hopscotch Children’s Nurseries