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The Massive Career Benefits Of A Level 5 Early Years Senior Practitioner Apprenticeship

When you’re looking for ways to advance your career the options can seem endless and confusing. Fortunately, if you’re in Early Years Education and currently at a level three or the equivalent your next step is incredibly simple. The Early Years Senior Practitioner L5 Apprenticeship is the perfect career upgrade to improve your employability in the Early Years sector, while simultaneously continuing to develop your skills and allow you to practice in real-world settings.

A hybrid course that combines face-to-face tutoring with eLearning content and online workshops, an EYSP L5 apprenticeship (yep, we know, it’s a bit of a mouthful!) is the perfect way to gain knowledge and skills.

Standing out from the crowd can be tough, and with so many people training in early years education if you want to advance your career to its fullest potential, stepping it up to a level five is a great way to do it. Here are the massive career benefits you’ll be able to look forward to when you complete a Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner apprenticeship…

Work While You Learn…

If you’re already at a certain level in your career it’s very difficult – and often undesirable – to have to take time off in order to complete additional qualifications. The EYSP L5 allows you to work while you learn.

This ensures you have the chance to continue earning as you advance your skills and gain the experience needed to become a positive role model and leader for a team. 

Learn How To Become A Leader…

You will learn how to promote and support best practices in terms of legislative requirements, but also how to motivate and mentor your team to ensure they perform at their best and get the greatest satisfaction possible from their work. 

You will also have the opportunity to learn how to be a motivational and engaging presence for the children and babies in your care. This is vital for someone looking to advance their role; you need to be able to lead and inspire your peers, but also uplift the young people in your charge.

Continued Practical Development…

Regardless of your age or current abilities, the Early Years Senior Practitioner apprenticeship is an ideal way to continue your practical development. While you may have ample hands-on experience in real-world settings, it can be difficult to gain the experience necessary to advance beyond your current position, because the only practical experience you get day-to-day is at your current level.

This course is perfect for enhancing your practical knowledge and skills far beyond your current level, enabling you to move up in the world.

Learning outcomes will include:

  • NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma for the Early Years Senior Practitioner, this qualification covers themes and topics such as:
    • Quality environments
    • Early years pedagogy
    • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
    • Safeguarding
    • Partnership working
    • The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
    • Leading and managing
  • Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid or Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (if not already held or expiring)
  • Level 2 English and maths (if required)

Who’s The Level 5 Early Years Apprenticeship For?

This course is for you if you’re a young person or an adult learner who has already completed Early Years qualifications, or have the equivalent practical experience in a real-world Early Years setting.

As a hybrid course that combines online work with practical learning, the apprenticeship can be tailored to suit your needs. So, whether you’ve done all your existing learning through previous apprenticeships, or you’ve been working in Early Years settings for years and looking to formalise your skills so you can advance, this course is ideal.

How To Apply For Your Level 5 EYSP Apprenticeship…

If you would like to learn more about the EYSP L5 simply fill out the form at the top of the course page, and we’ll get back to you with further information. Alternatively, you can give us a call 0151 257 6969 or email We’re available 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, and we will do everything we can to help.

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