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Paul Maynard: Time to innovate


Paul Maynard: Time to innovate

Published 7th November 2016


Though the rail industry faces many challenges in the coming years, it will also have unprecedented opportunities to innovate and evolve. And that is exactly what Paul Maynard MP, the DfT’s new rail minister, wants to focus on.

Paul Maynard MP, the DfT’s new rail minister has expressed that he will focus on the opportunities to innovate and evolve in the coming years. In the article published in Rail Technology Magazine  this week the MP states that in order to grow, rail must transform and highlights the work being carried out with the investment of considerable funds by franchises to improve services while reducing the burden on the taxpayer, including British built carriages providing faster services, more seats and free wi-fi.

In the last 20 years the railways have gone from a position of decline to one of extraordinary growth, so there has never been a better time to pursue a career in the rail.  If you are interested in information about opportunities and training in the rail industry please call Real Skills Training Ltd.


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