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Valuable work experience and vocational training

The labour market of today is very different from that of ten, let alone twenty years ago.  In June 2012 a ground breaking report by Professor Alison Wolf contained recommendations for vocational education in this country.    It was identified that we need to equip young people to enter the workforce successfully and to thrive in the long term; and in too many cases the UK has have been failing to do so.


Pre apprenticeship funding is a Department of Education initiative which aims to individualise all learners’ education and training experience, whilst enhancing their employment opportunities. The programmes are designed to complement all learner pathways (both vocational and academic).


This is a radical and much needed change to the way the government fund and provide education and training for young people aged 16- to 19-year-olds. It continues to build on excellence in the way some vocational education is already provided and represents a further and significant contribution to this Government’s commitment to raise educational attainment and achievement.   The programmes of study extend the benefits of challenging and substantial vocational qualifications enjoyed by many students taking academic programmes to those studying more vocational subjects.


All young people will get the opportunity to gain the kind of qualifications and experience that employers are seeking but all too often cannot find, signalling  an expansion in the provision of work experience for those young people who would find it a valuable introduction to the workplace.


vocational training


Real Skills Training Ltd run pre-apprenticeships programmes at our training venues in Liverpool and Leeds, which are designed to provide 16-19 years old young people with valuable work experience and vocational skills in order for them to progress to apprenticeships and/or sustainable employment.   Both venues offer unique learning experiences giving young people access to rail track maintenance work and contact with potential employers, while offering impartial information, advice and guidance through support to help them achieve their career goals.


With over national average achievements being recorded in our last academic quarter we continue to build on our success to ensure that the young people accessing our training, who have identified that they want to succeed in the rail industry, are supported effectively to achieve their goals.


If you would like to hear more about our training programmes please give us a call on 0151 257 6969 and we would be more than happy to invite you to visit our nearest training venue and discuss the training options available.

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